The past 6 months…

It doesn’t seem like long ago I was posting photos of the fires and looking forward to our summer trip home to Michigan. And now I am once again looking forward to a trip to Michigan, but it is for Christmas. Where on earth did time go? It was a time filled with stories, events, […]

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Art “Opening”

I have art up in a coffeeshop! My husband explaining how a Holga exposes 35mm film. (It’s not just an Instagram filter!) And some favorite people visited. Interested in see what I have hanging? Want some for yourself? Want to help out someone else?

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Simple Mother’s Day Love

I need to be very honest when I say, I HATE fake flowers. Whenever I go into Hobby Lobby and see the whole lovely array, I feel deceived. And annoyed, They are oh so practical, but I think I would rather have no greenery than fake greenery. Now, let’s make some fake flowers. I love these. […]

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Roof Pallet Garden

So you have likely seen the vertical pallet garden by now, right? Well, we live in a second floor apartment with a door to a  south facing “porch” which is actually a flat piece of roof with no railings. We love it. (We have no children…) But we want a garden. And not some silly […]

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T-shirt Rug

I am always looking for things to do with t-shirts. So much fabric, I hate to get ride of it! We are nostalgic folks, so in order to keep room in the dresser but not lose the memories I have made some t-shirt blankets for my husband and I. Since I only used a square […]

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It’s February, it’s cold!

We LOVE ourselves some old-timey Victorian downtown apartments. Tall ceilings, wood floors, classic trim, wavy glass… and oh yes, lots of breezy windows and doors. We have one window that literally collects dirt on the window sill from anything that makes it through on the dry gusty days. Therefor, I set out to test out those […]

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For all those Christmas Cards

As adults now, we get a pile of Christmas cards from people we love… and I want to show off how loved we are! I have seen these at friends places, often in girly colors or with shiny ribbon. (I, of course, am avoiding the girly-ness for our place, gotta respect the husb.) I love simple design […]

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