Simple Mother’s Day Love

I need to be very honest when I say, I HATE fake flowers. Whenever I go into Hobby Lobby and see the whole lovely array, I feel deceived. And annoyed, They are oh so practical, but I think I would rather have no greenery than fake greenery.

Now, let’s make some fake flowers.

I love these. I think the difference here is the style. These lovely things aren’t pretending to be real, but are still very nice to look at. They have that hint of hand-made quaintness but could look great in the classiest of home. I made these as a supplemental gift for my mom, mom-in-law, as well as a couple for myself.

What you need:
nylon based fabric – I used a chiffon in this case
a candle
embroidery thread for center of flowers (you can also use beads or buttons if you so desire, don’t forget to get something to sew them on. Thread, clear fishing line, etc.)
hot glue gun (for attaching stems or safety pins)
floral wire/stems
Safety pins 

I would do a tutorial, but there are a few out there, and it is pretty self-explanatory. Here is the one I used. Cut out circles of different sizes (they dont need to be very exact at all), hold the edges close to a flame, assemble into flowers. Bam.

Here are 2 options for attaching a stem. Attach directly to the outside or  put a fabric layer between.

Assemble all of the petals except the largest. Cut a small slit in the largest and put the stem through.

Put a spot of hot glue on the circle of the stem, set the assembled petals on the stem,  let it dry.

Repeat until you have  a nice little bouquet!

I also put safety pins on a few. This method, just attach all petals together, put a spot of glue on the back, and attacha  safety pin. Then you can use it to brighten up a sweater, a scarf, or slide a bobby pin through and have some summery hair!

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