Old flannel shirt into infinity scarf

I saw this pin and, as usual, my thought was not “where can I get this” but “how can I make this.” So I did.

What You Need:

  • Flannel shirt
  • Good scissors
  • sewing machine and the fixins

I found this shirt at my local thrift store. They were the colors I liked best so I tried it with a smaller (fitted women’s)shirt. After doing it once, I’d recommend going with a larger, unfitted, probably men’s shirt if possible. The final size of the scarf was fine, but I was hoping for a bulkier one.

Cut off the seems and buttons and cuffs etc. I left the pocket on, but in the end that piece wasn’t wide enough to fit on the final scarf.

Below are the sleeves. They are fairly squared to begin with, so you won’t have to do too much trimming. The front and back pieces will take a little more trimming. Lay them out, make a plan for the width/length of the scarf, and trim it all. You may want to iron the pieces flat so it is easier the measure.

Then, begin sewing!

**If you haven’t sewn an infinity scarf before PLEASE note!

Don’t do as I did. I sewed the tube, then started sewing the ends together before turning the it right-side out. This is silly, you can’t get make it turn right-side out, and means you will have to cut out a bunch of stitches.

Once right-side out you THEN sew the scarf shut. Sorry, I did’t take a picture of this part. My finish wasn’t too pretty anyway…
Wrap it around your neck, and be all hipster. (Hipster and awkward self portrait part optional)