Valentines day Window

I recently had the opportunity to start changing the window display at Yobel Market to be more “Valentine-ish” but not consumeristic or “too much bright red and pink.”
(Unfortunately the windows are the best glass, so seeing this from the outside is a bit more difficult than I would like. Still eye catching, inside or out, in my opinion.)

All it took to make it was use some leftover yarn they had available, make hundreds (literrally, for both window displays) of little yarn poms (small tutorial on that later), and tied them up on color coordinating string in a wavy design.
Inspiration (all Anthro, can you blame me?):
Style – (specifically the yellow/green/blue fabric one)

I would totally take credit for the abstract heart look, but it was definitely not intentional, and not symmetrical on the other window… but it is growing on me!


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