I am still alive.

I wasn’t sure I was going to make it, but I survived the Holidays.

Phew, I think I need to just take December off, it’s been over a month since I posted! I dream of the day when my employment will not revolve around Christmas… that hasn’t happened since high school. Until that day, you will just have to give me some grace.

In better news, it is a goal of mine to blog 52 times this year. This isn’t a promise of once a week, on those busy weeks I will always choose husband time over crafty blog time, but 52 total. I’ve got some catching up to do, but I’ve got some built up. I didn’t post over the past month, but I did take some pictures!

To start, this is what is currently on my plate. I’m making a wholesale catalog for the previously mentioned and deeply loved Yobel Market. For these photos it was below freezing or close to it, but these volunteer models were rockstars as we make something to sell the spring/summer jewelry, scarves and skirts. I’m excited to get into some creative photography again!

Yobel Market catalog photos




First Home Photoshoot

Alas, another cold has it’s painful talons on my throat. As much as I love Colorado, a TINY bit more humidity in the air in the winter wouldn’t be the worst….

So, I’ve been sleeping. I’ll get a hold of some halloween weekend photos to post soon, but in the meantime, here is a collection of photos from my first “First Home” shoot! I had the honor of shooting this beautiful couple’s wedding, and jumped at the chance to do this.


Fall explorations

This trip was actually a few weeks ago around my birthday. And around my friend’s birthday… in fact it was her birthday trip, but I went a little bit for me too. A sunny mild fall day in Colorado at peak Aspen color? Get real.

On our way out to Salida, a small mountain town with some awesome festivals throughout the year, the views alone are worth the trip. Wilkerson pass is one of my favorite passes, you slowly rise up and hit this incredible surprise view on a massive mountain range beyond a vast flat valley. It was one of the strongest memories I have from visiting as a kid, this valley covered in a sheet of snow. We wandered around some paths at the rest stop…


On the way into Salida there is a sneaky tire swing behind a fence. It’s worth the barbed wire dodging, it has to be the most incredible tire swing view ever, a line of 14ers behind, just enchanting.

IMG_1134 IMG_1161 IMG_1170 IMG_1199

And the grass itself was so photographic.


Had to stop by the local cute antique store.

IMG_1218 IMG_1221

Grab a couple pints. It’s Colorado, you always have to try the beer!


Drove over to some open space near Buena Vista to take a color hike. For some reason it started off with shotputting some rocks?


And senior posing in this field of gold…


Just stunning…


Hipster artsy on the stumps


This was a magical spot, the light was hitting this clump of golden aspens just right and it literally was glowing!



Found ourselves an old cabin off the beaten path.



And some creepy bones in a firepit… Then we headed back instead of taking out changes with some crazy forest dweller.


SO MUCH FALL! I took a million photos, it was glorious and gorgeous and whimsical.

IMG_1405 IMG_1408

Our weekend didn’t end there, but the lovely pictures did as the sun set. If you are ever in the area make sure you check out the Mt. Princeton hot springs, where you can actually sit in a rocky mountain stream (ice cold) in the rocky pools of steaming natural hot springs. Another favorite experience from vacations as a kid!

I just can’t get enough of fall!

Judah and the Lion

It’s a busy season in life right now, so I haven’t been crafting with my hands as much. However, I was so blessed to get to photograph a small concert down the street from us this past weekend. It was especially special to see our old friend rocking the banjo, it was only a couple years ago we went to see him play in little shows for his high school and youth group.

While I have a few other projects I’m slowly but surely getting through (weddings and a senior), I can’t begin to say how great it was to get the chance to shoot something so fun with no obligation and total creative freedom. And then to edit these photos was almost as enjoyable!

Take a look at my favorites from the show, then check out the band at Judahandthelion.com and give them a listen, maybe buy an ep or something!


Banjo - colored lights Judah-and the lion triple web-IMG_1021 web-IMG_1035 web-IMG_1113 web-IMG_1171 web-IMG_1173 web-IMG_1269 web-IMG_1280 web-IMG_1305 web-IMG_1401 web-IMG_1424 web-IMG_1545 web-IMG_1562 web-IMG_1563 web-IMG_1573 web-IMG_1660 web-IMG_1665 web-IMG_1667 web-IMG_1690 web-IMG_1714 web-IMG_1740 web-IMG_1776 web-IMG_1799 web-IMG_1804 web-IMG_1809 web-IMG_1828

First Friday Art Walk in Denver

DH9A1430-web copy

I make some art stuff.
I thankfully aslo know some great people who have encouraged and allowed me to hang art in some great places. This is my third “hanging” and my first in Denver, and probably the biggest one I’ve been a part of to date.

If you are ever in the Denver area on the first friday of a remotely warm month, you MUST check out the art walk along Santa Fe. This is my first experience with it, and I only made it to the main strip for brief period of time (to get some of the most amazing food truck food ever) but it was a ridiculous experience. The street and the galleries are packed! The gallery I was a part of was just  off Santa Fe, so not as crowded, but still great. If you want to know where to get some free snacks and home brews, I’ll share the location. The quality Colorado beer is worth the trip alone, the art is a great bonus!


They invite artists who wouldn’t otherwise likely be in a fancy gallery and give them some exposure, and man did I get to share the space with some AMAZING artists! Over 100 people came through, and it was by far the most interest I have had in my art of any of the shows I’ve done. I’m not surprised it was received better in Denver, more interesting city, more interesting people. (You know I love you Colorado Springs, but let’s be real here… you can be kinda lame sometimes…)

Here is the art on the walls, with my very dutch cousin admiring them. It’s entirely digital, almost all original photography with lots cutting and pasting and blending and added texture.



Here is some incredible art. All forms of illustration, then cut and pasted together



All of this guys art is 1 continuous line. SO impressive and so not how my brain works!


Little ole me, standing awkwardly. I think I am decent and making other people look good in front of the camera. I, however, turn into an uncomfortable goober.


The past 6 months…

It doesn’t seem like long ago I was posting photos of the fires and looking forward to our summer trip home to Michigan. And now I am once again looking forward to a trip to Michigan, but it is for Christmas. Where on earth did time go? It was a time filled with stories, events, friendships, as well as some hardships. Things continue to be crazy, but in an effort to assure you I am still alive and kicking, here is a very summarized version of what I’ve been up to: Planned and implemented another even bigger clothing swap! It appears it will be a successful bi-annual event that I have  laid on myself to own. I hope to post some more specific tips and tricks in the coming months.


I had yet another show in November at my favorite place in town, Yobel Market. They even allowed me to sell some of my crafted goods, of which I did many. It was a last minute switch to show in November instead of December, so I didn’t take many great pictures, but you will be seeing some tutorials on these goodies in the months to come. A little late for the christmas gifts for you, but there are many reasons to give gifts between now and next Christmas!


SO MUCH BAKING. The people want to gather and eat when the whether starts cooling off, and I hate keeping things simple, so how about some apple, brie, and honey crescents? Or maybe a baked apple, squash, cranberry and brown sugar dish?

IMG_6749 IMG_6808

And the following is where a large amount of my time has been spent. I have a great passion for what the store Yobel Market (yobelmarket.com) does. By encouraging fair wages, having personal relationships with suppliers, and supplying business trainings, they are helping people around the world break their bonds in poverty. In areas where a woman’s only hope of survival was the prostitute herself, she is has now learned to sew and is making a living for herself and her children. People living in poverty in northern India thought they were cursed because their businesses always failed, no matter how hard they tried. After getting business training and making local support groups, they have newfound hope and success. Every item sold at Yobel has a beautiful story of hard work, of perseverance, of redemption, of HOPE. And they are simply beautiful products to begin with! I have been wanting to do something meaningful with my photography. I do believe having a cherished family photo is meaningful, but I also have a conviction to help the poor, not just those who can afford to pay me for a photo. So, Yobel had a need, and I had the ability to to fill it, and I have had the joy (seriously, joy, even with the extra  hours of work) of helping expand their online selection and make it easier for people around the country to find and buy these great products that raise awareness and literally save lives around the globe!

web board

birds stroyboard

Kantha Coin Purse

Necklace Storyboard

Other Storyboard

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Michigan Lovin’

Life has been a bit ridiculous lately, to say the least. Many good things are taking up time, like MANY photography sessions last month that I am trying my hardest to get on top of, great events with friends, and of course getting art up. Unfortunately, my paying job is taking up much of my energy. One of those situations that really isn’t that horrible in reality, but dealing with it on a daily basis gets exhausting, absorbing all of my emotional, physical, and (worst of all) creative energy…

I have high hopes for fall to bring a calmer life, but for now, you will just get some photography. Huzaah!

Last week was a major blessing, a trip to Michigan to be with my side of the family. Playing on the beach, in the water, getting sunburned, digging holes, bonding with my nieces and nephews and siblings and parents that I don’t get to see often enough. Also, my competitive brother bought trophies for a few things, and my husband and I won the one for the best meal! Creativity for the win? We can pretend. But I’ll let you know, go to this fantastic recipe http://www.jasonandshawnda.com/foodiebride/archives/7766/ and use half chipotle chili powder with the regular chili powder, adds a great kick.

Meanwhile, here is my beautiful family: