Beginning of Fall and Applesauce

It’s been more eventful lately, and I’ve taken photos… so I just might be posting more in the near future! To start, I talked in my last post about how I am going to occasionally post more outfit photos. Well, twice in a row, I might start pushing “occasionally”… but it’s becoming Fall, and new […]

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Pretty Sweatshirt.

This, people, is my first real hand sewn article of clothing. Well, hand sewn by me. Other than scarves and bags and things. Frankly, I found clothing patterns to be this oppressive foreign language. It sounds like German in my head. No flexibility, cut along the lines, don’t screw up or it will all look […]

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Michigan Lovin’

Life has been a bit ridiculous lately, to say the least. Many good things are taking up time, like MANY photography sessions last month that I am trying my hardest to get on top of, great events with friends, and of course getting art up. Unfortunately, my paying job is taking up much of my […]

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Frost-Proofing the Roof Garden

So the timing of this post is off. Talking about frost in July? It is Colorado, but I’m not too worried about it. It was, however, a crazy spring, and it seems better to get this seed planted (pun intended) in your brain so when you have your own pallet garden and you get that […]

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