Removing Food Grease from Leather Boots

I hope this got you as excited as I was. Strangely, it’s happened to me twice over the past couple months. Once to each of my favorite pairs of leather boots. If you are a tidier person than me, this may not be an issue, but I’m not, so here we are.

Removing Food Grease from Leather

You are hanging out at a classy party with friends, wine in one hand, a cracker in the other, going for this fantastic melty honey brie dip… when a healthy drip of cheese grease goes straight for your soft leather shoes. Or another scenario: You live in boots, and at a less classy party you have a beer in one hand and fantastically greasy pizza in the other. No judging. Both of these stories may or may not be true.

But, for us klutz’s, I have good news! See above? That was just one overnight application. I love these shoes, so I wore them that day, and after normal day walking and scuffing it wasn’t visible at all.

What is this magic you ask? Cornstarch.

What the what? My mind was blown. The first time (with the brie) I was devastated,  I thought my boots were stuck with a stain forever. The next day, I wanted to yell from the mountaintops. I’m only slightly exaggerating.

What you need:

  • leather with a food grease stain
  • corn starch
  • old toothbrush (optional)

So, you start with you beloved shoe or other leather item that is now has a dark splat on it. Sad day.


Find these items in your home or for dirt cheap at the store


Give the shoe a little rub. You can just rub with your finger, I found it works a tiny bit better if you can get it deep in the grains with something like a brush.


Let the powder set for a while. At least a good 8 hours. It’s worth cleaning it off and doing another application for a little extra grease extraction. Once you’ve given it some good time just use a cloth to dust off your boot, no need to dampen for most types of leather.




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