Neck Pillow and Space Saver

I made this for my trip to Costa Rica this spring with Yobel International. We needed to travel light so we could bring supplies to and from, not to mention it was an 8 hr red eye on the way down. So, how about a pillow that, instead of taking up extra space, relieves space […]

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Clothing Swap

Did you know? It’s spring!¬† You know what is great to do in spring? Exchange clothes you don’t wear for ones you do! Have you been to a Clothing Swap before? AKA, Clothing Exchange, Naked Lady Party, and many other things, these things are AMAZING. Here’s the summary: Get some ¬†girlfriends together, clean out your […]

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Working with Wine Bottles (pt 1)

I’m sure you’ve seen the tutorials floating around Pinterest. Easy DIY Wine Bottle tumblers/chandelier/candle holder/vase/planter! Just drink some wine, make some cool stuff. Simply___(fill in the blank)___ and it just splits right in half, right? Well, if you’ve tried it, it probably didn’t go as well as they all said. I tried the ole “acetone […]

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T-shirt Rug

I am always looking for things to do with t-shirts. So much fabric, I hate to get ride of it! We are nostalgic folks, so in order to keep room in the dresser but not lose the memories I have made some t-shirt blankets for my husband and I. Since I only used a square […]

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