Colorado Style

I recently read an article that said Colorado Springs is the second least fashionable city in America. While I feel the need to fight and say Colorado Springs isn’t less fashionable than a place like Milwaukee, (I feel like being a fit city has to account for something, I saw far fewer overweight sweat suites […]

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Waldo Canyon Fire

Another excuse for nothing new. Though I haven’t been inherently busy, I have been preoccupied with a rather large distraction to my city. If you haven’t heard anything about the Waldo Canyon Fire, google it to catch up. An unprecedented fire causing major destruction Tuesday night, and many more homes still in harms way. Making/photographing helps me process, […]

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DIYly Wed

I grew up surrounded by a family of creatives and penny-pinchers. In that environment how could I not become a compulsive DIYer? To this day I’ll be somewhere with my mom, and we look closely at something it is less often to see the quality of it, and more often to figure out how it […]

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