Fruit Fly Trap

This tutorial is a bit icky, but oh so rewarding… killing massive amounts of fruit flies.


Can you see them at the bottom of that cup? More pictures at the bottom.

Call me a weird person for being so excited about it, but man do I dislike those things. Colorado doesn’t get much for bugs, so when this cloud invades our kitchen (or entire apartment) when the trash has a lot of “fresh” food in it (because we don’t have a compost), I get grumpy. Don’t stay grumpy, do something.

A lot of people have tried vaccuming the flies. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always kill them, and if you don’t own a vaccume that has it’s own bag, the flies will just get out when you empty it. Many people have heard of the plastic wrap over a bowl of fruit and/or vinegar method. this traps a good number of them, but it doesn’t really kill them, and it just produces a breeding ground so if any of them do find their way out you just have more!

Trust me, you need to try this method.

All you need:

  • small cup or bowl
  • Vinegar (I go with apple, not sure if it makes a difference)
  • Liquid Soap
  • Somewhat high pressure water (or something else to make it “frothy”)


This is all super simple, not sure why I have so many photos.

First: pour a small amount of vinegar in the cup. A few tablespoons should be sufficient to start, but it depends on the size of your cup or bowl.


Then, do about 1 pump of soap. I’ve heard people stop here saying the soap is toxic to them and kills them. I recommend going 1 step further.


Give the mixture a quick blast of water to create some good suds. Now, the flies will come to the smell of the vinegar, and then they get caught in the suds and drown.


You would be amazed how quickly this knocks out a swarm! Check on it a few times a day and refresh the suds as they die down. The vinegar smell is usually still strong enough even if you fill the cup up toward the top.

Can you see those black dots around the bottom of the cup? ALL fruit flies. This has typically killed off most of the swarm in just a couple days. That is a LOT of flies!


So gross. So satisfying.



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