Judah and the Lion

It’s a busy season in life right now, so I haven’t been crafting with my hands as much. However, I was so blessed to get to photograph a small concert down the street from us this past weekend. It was especially special to see our old friend rocking the banjo, it was only a couple years ago we went to see him play in little shows for his high school and youth group.

While I have a few other projects I’m slowly but surely getting through (weddings and a senior), I can’t begin to say how great it was to get the chance to shoot something so fun with no obligation and total creative freedom. And then to edit these photos was almost as enjoyable!

Take a look at my favorites from the show, then check out the band at Judahandthelion.com and give them a listen, maybe buy an ep or something!


Banjo - colored lights Judah-and the lion triple web-IMG_1021 web-IMG_1035 web-IMG_1113 web-IMG_1171 web-IMG_1173 web-IMG_1269 web-IMG_1280 web-IMG_1305 web-IMG_1401 web-IMG_1424 web-IMG_1545 web-IMG_1562 web-IMG_1563 web-IMG_1573 web-IMG_1660 web-IMG_1665 web-IMG_1667 web-IMG_1690 web-IMG_1714 web-IMG_1740 web-IMG_1776 web-IMG_1799 web-IMG_1804 web-IMG_1809 web-IMG_1828


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