First Friday Art Walk in Denver

DH9A1430-web copy

I make some art stuff.
I thankfully aslo know some great people who have encouraged and allowed me to hang art in some great places. This is my third “hanging” and my first in Denver, and probably the biggest one I’ve been a part of to date.

If you are ever in the Denver area on the first friday of a remotely warm month, you MUST check out the art walk along Santa Fe. This is my first experience with it, and I only made it to the main strip for brief period of time (to get some of the most amazing food truck food ever) but it was a ridiculous experience. The street and the galleries are packed! The gallery I was a part of was just  off Santa Fe, so not as crowded, but still great. If you want to know where to get some free snacks and home brews, I’ll share the location. The quality Colorado beer is worth the trip alone, the art is a great bonus!


They invite artists who wouldn’t otherwise likely be in a fancy gallery and give them some exposure, and man did I get to share the space with some AMAZING artists! Over 100 people came through, and it was by far the most interest I have had in my art of any of the shows I’ve done. I’m not surprised it was received better in Denver, more interesting city, more interesting people. (You know I love you Colorado Springs, but let’s be real here… you can be kinda lame sometimes…)

Here is the art on the walls, with my very dutch cousin admiring them. It’s entirely digital, almost all original photography with lots cutting and pasting and blending and added texture.



Here is some incredible art. All forms of illustration, then cut and pasted together



All of this guys art is 1 continuous line. SO impressive and so not how my brain works!


Little ole me, standing awkwardly. I think I am decent and making other people look good in front of the camera. I, however, turn into an uncomfortable goober.



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