Plastic Bag Storage

This won’t be the last time I use the excuse “life is crazy right now!” I went on vacation, and somewhat stayed on it when I got home. Then got sick. Sorry people, I like sleep even when I am healthy!

I am working on another one of my art pieces as I will be hanging some in a coffeeshop in a few weeks. While digging I came upon these photos of a simple project I did when I lived in a house full of (far less “green” than me) girls.

I found a stack of free coffee bags on Craigs List. I still have most of them. I also had a couple plastic hangers from Ross (a guilty pleasure).

A simple seam and poke the metal part of the hanger through…

…and stuff full of your plastic grocery bags!

Once the canvas bag is full I bring a pile of the plastic bags to the grocery store to recycle. Until then, it hung perfectly out of the way in the garage, and made me look cool.

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