Gladiator sandals into mock J Crew strappy sandals.

I never quite got into the gladiator sandals trend. Probably because I typically live in my Chacos if I am wearing sandals. However, now that I am trying to look a little on the nicer side at work, I have to try a little harder. But I still won’t pay full price that go without saying.

I get (multiple) J Crew catalogues and do enjoy thumbing through, dreaming, and getting somewhat inspired. That is when I saw these cute little things getting styled.I love the high ankle strap and the hint of stripes in the sandals. Lots of hints of the gladiator style in their strappy sandals, just modified. So I want to modify too!

Found this pair of orange No Boundaries at Goodwill. I had actually seen a yellow pair a few weeks earlier, but I didn’t have a plan yet, and I already own yellow flats. This pair was closer to my size, and were $4, so I bought them without thinking twice.

Just a few simple snips to the strap that goes up the middle (DON’T cut the straps that go across your foot or ankle!)

The difference stunned me! Not quite the same as the JCrew ones, and a slight hint of easter sandals I owned in the 90’s, but worth the $4.
(Please ignore my gross nails. I suppose if I wear sandals I’ll have to start wearing nail polish.)

What do you think? Start watching the shoe shelves at your local thrift stores!


2 thoughts on “Gladiator sandals into mock J Crew strappy sandals.

  1. I know what you mean about the gladiator sandals. I bought a pair and I hardly ever wear them. This is such a clever idea. I’m going to do this tonight! It made such a difference. Thanks for the idea!
    PS I love the orange!

  2. Thanks Beth!
    The funny thing is, just after posting this I had a friend come by who had some awesome gladiator sandals on, and if I’d owned those I wouldn’t have cut them up! Granted, they were real nubuck leather with some fun accents, instead of these fake patent leather ones.
    How’d yours work out?

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